6 Tips For Raising Godly Children

Raising Godly Children In Today's World

 For I have known him, in order that he may command his children and his household after him, that they keep the way of the Lord, to do righteousness and justice, that the Lord may bring to Abraham what He has spoken to him.” – Genesis 18:19 (NKJV)

Children are the future of any society and the character of the children is the leading indicator of the future of the nation. It takes godly parents to raise godly children but from my observations, it would seem to appear that some parents have abdicated this responsibility to either the church or the school system. The reality however is that influence begins at home. It is in the home that children learn right from wrong, a sense of justice, pick up habits, mannerisms, learn to read and write, learn to talk etc.

To raise is to nurse, train, nurture, cultivate or mold  a child with a view towards revealing his/her individual gift or bent. It is also to bring out the best in the child by focusing on what they can become and not what they may appear to be.

I believe that parenting is an awesome responsibility and it is principally about being a model and a mirror to the child. From my experience and my understanding of parenting, i have developed a six point strategy for raising godly children which are:

#1.Pray For Them And With Them

Parents need to talk to God about their children before talking to their children about God

#2.Praise Them

You need to see something good about your child and praise him/her for it. You can do this by focusing on their strengths, successes and positives rather than their weaknesses, failures and negatives

#3. Train Them By Example

Children may not always listen to you, but they will always imitate you if you keep at it long enough

#4. Spend Quality Time With Them

This will help you to attend to their physical, financial, emotional and spiritual needs as you show that you care by sharing

#5. Play With Them

Children love to play and you enter into their world when you play with them

#6. Demonstrate Genuine Love To Them

I believe with my whole heart that one of the greatest thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mother unconditionally. This is because it is much better to love someone “regardless” instead of “because of ” and that’s what unconditional love is all about. “Loving because of” is cheap and common but”loving regardless” is rare and uncommon. “Loving regardless” is genuine love.

When it comes to parenting, I am of the view that there are really only two options. It’s either one is a good parent or a bad one. I find that the key difference between these two kind of parents is in their attitude to the child and I essentially reduce it to the phrase “pay now or pay later”, but pay you must.

It can be quite challenging in today’s world to raise children less only raise godly children. However, the grace of God is sufficient for you and where there is a will, you will definitely find a way.

Let the godly parents arise so that godly children will begin to manifest!

What do you find challenging about parenting? Do you want to share any other tips? What do you find most rewarding about parenting? What would you do differently if you had another chance? Share your thoughts, leave a comment on Facebook orTwitter

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