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Introducing Myself To Potential Readers And Subscribers

Francis Ugbeikwu

My name is Francis Ugbeikwu and I have started this blog with the sole aim of helping you fulfil your destiny.

I intend to do this by helping you DEVELOP the right ATTITUDE, RELATIONSHIP and EMPOWERMENT. In other words, I will be challenging you to DARE to fulfil your destiny.

Dare to dream!

Dare to be original!

Dare to be different, embrace your uniqueness!

Dare to make a difference!

Dare to be your best self!

Dare to follow your passions!

I plan to blog regularly at least once a week in the first instance. This will be reviewed as I make progress.

I became a Christian close to three decades ago and by the grace, goodness and generosity of God, I have remained committed to Christ and His philosophy over these years. You can too! During this period, I have passed through the different life’s season of youth, professional career, marriage, parenting and adulthood ¬†and also served in various capacities as a Christian minister. My worldview has been shaped by the philosophy and teachings of Jesus Christ. This will underpin my blog posts from time to time.

So, I welcome you to my world! You can connect with me on the following social media platforms to receive regular updates and be kept abreast of happenings in my world.

Facebook: Francis Ugbeikwu

Twitter: @transformdaily

Instagram: francisugbeikwu

Periscope: @transformdaily


It Is A New Day,

Francis Ugbeikwu



helping you D.A.R.E to fulfil your destiny

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or that i find offensive and off-topic. Thank you so much in advance for your support, understanding and cooperation.

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One thought on “Welcome To My World!

  1. Please can you send me the details of where your church is located and the times and days of the services. Thank you ?