Francis Ugbeikwu


Welcome to D.A.R.E, my online platform where I help you develop the right attitude, relationship and empowerment to fulfill your destiny. I am Francis Ugbeikwu.

My commitment to transformation and impact has led me to focus on Development, Attitude, Relationship and Empowerment. Through this blog, I will be challenging you to DARE to fulfill your destiny:

Dare to dream!

Dare to be original!

Dare to be different, embrace your uniqueness!

Dare to make a difference!

Dare to be your best self!

Dare to follow your passions!

I plan to blog regularly at least once a week.

You can follow my blog by RSS, updates in your inbox or by visiting this site daily.




I have been married to my wife, Mary for over 21 years and we have three children comprising two daughters and a son. We live in the London area of England. I enjoy reading and travelling,


I became a Christian close to three decades ago and by the grace, goodness and generosity of God, I have remained committed to Christ and His philosophy over these years. During this period, I have passed through the different life’s season of youth, professional career, marriage, parenting and adulthood  and also served in various capacities as a Christian minister. I presently serve as the pastor of Breakthrough Chapel in Hornchurch, Essex, England. I am the publisher of “Word For Today” an online devotional, and my blog where I proffer practical and insightful solutions to help you overcome obstacles, hindrances and challenges on your journey of destiny while developing the right attitude, relationship and empowerment to fulfill destiny

I deploy my potential through pastoring, speaking, writing, mentoring and blogging.

I am currently working on my new book project “Signposts To The Place:Insights To Help You Get There”


My worldview has been shaped by the philosophy and teachings of Jesus Christ. This will underpin my blog posts from time to time.

The essence of my philosophy is centered around 5 key questions as a road map:

  1. Who Are You? – IDENTITY
  2. Why Are You Here On Earth? – PURPOSE
  3. Where Are You Going? – DESTINATION
  4. Where Are Now In The Journey? – LOCATION
  5. How Do You Get There? – STRATEGY


If you have any questions, comments or would like to know more about me, I can be reached by email on francis@francisugbeikwu.com or you can follow me on Twitter or FacebookYou can also use the SpeakPipe option to send voicemail from my blog.